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We’re a Digital Investment Advisory Firm revolutionizing online investing for traditionally underserved Communities.

We build legacy investors!

We’re like no other Investment Advisory Firm you know. We’re serious about social impact investing that will work to secure you and your legacy.

1. Invest in portfolios with variety and balance.

Not diversifying your portfolio decreases your gains; 30% to 50% of potential lifetime returns. If you’re a stock picker who is invested in just a few securities or funds, you’re almost certainly under-diversified and can improve your portfolio. With us, you can easily create and manage diversified portfolios that fit your life circumstances. Diversification is critical, and mutual funds are not the best answer.


2. Pay less. Invest more and earn more.

1% more in expenses costs you 20% of lifetime returns. Hoodoo is able to drive down the cost of creating an investment portfolio. Trade as much as you need, in your account, and with as many portfolios as you like without paying trading commission. Costs matter and with us you don't have to pay commissions to trade.


3. Design your investments to suit your needs and interests.

Together we can customize one of our Hoodoo Folios to fit your circumstance. Invest at risk levels sensible for you. Exclude stocks you don’t want to own. Invest in what you know. Have one account for retirement, another for immediate needs, and even another for speculative investing, all commission free. The unique portfolio becomes your own as the customization gives you an investment advantage.

4. Invest consistently.

The average investor loses 2.5% each year buying and selling at the wrong time. Timing the market, chasing after winners, and buying based on fads, just doesn’t work. We enable our clients to invest consistently, even if it means trading small amounts or fractions of shares. We focus our clients on a strategy of Dollar-cost averaging with periodic rebalancing. We make it easy for our clients to become consistent investors and build customized portfolios based on sound financial planning.


5. Manage your taxes. It’s what you keep that counts.

Tax loss harvesting can save you a lot of money. But it’s only part of the strategy to manage taxes. We give you the ability to gain even more by harvesting tax losses or generate gains to offset losses.

Digital Advisory

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