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The term Hoodoo is based on old superstitions, spiritual practices & traditions with roots beyond the middle passage. Hoodoo more commonly referred to superstitions that revolve around Money & Finance.
At its core these practices were aimed at forecasting and predicting what would occur in the future and determining the best way to react.
Our Firm uses the very latest in Financial Technology, Investment Analysis, and Financial Literacy to achieve those same results.

Financial literacy skills are a key to economic health, yet too few Americans have even a basic knowledge of how to manage their personal finances. Our mission is to improve the economic education and financial literacy of our clients and their families.  Hoodoo’s objective is to introduce a population that has been traditionally underserved financially, to saving and investment tools that will enable them to achieve their goals in life. We achieve our mission by providing expert educator / advisors, to deliver financial services to busy professionals & support to underserved and under-banked communities.

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