"The Revolution Will Be Monetized"

Financial Education, Planning & Advisory Services

Planning, Coaching & Advising


The future is mobile and Hoodoo is a financial services firm focused on clients who prefer using technological tools, in a way that allows our advisors to deliver advice without selling financial products. We cannot over emphasize how crucial mobile technology has become. 91% of people keep their phone within three feet of themselves; 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Hoodoo is a Financial Technology firm whose focus is to provide Financial Education, Financial Planning, and Investment Management to a previously underserved customer base. Our expertise is in providing solutions for Entrepreneurs and Underbanked Consumers. We are experts in financial planning, portfolio investing, social impact investing & real estate investment analysis. 

At Hoodoo, we use sound financial planning practices covering the many components of our client’s financial lives. We know your financial goals should be quantified and set to milestones for tracking. A financial plan is much more than a monthly budget or the balancing of a checkbook. It's a wise, thoughtful, carefully crafted roadmap to establishing your financial freedom. 

Financial Planning

The Hoodoo platform is one that lends itself favorably to advisors who wish to concentrate their marketing and provide their services to a specific niche audience. 

Virtual Educator/Advisor

Hoodoo asset management serves as an advisor to clients with an overriding goal to substantially grow client's portfolio. 

Investment Management

Crowdfunding platforms provide a new way for individuals to find, evaluate and purchase equity in private companies and Real Estate Investments. Hoodoo clients searching for crowd investments turn to us to vet new startups and real estate projects on equity & peep to peer crowdfunding platforms. Hoodoo will oversee the execution of your investment and document that you are using qualified retirement funds to place the investment. 

Crowd Investing

Financial literacy refers to the set of skills and knowledge that allows an individual to make informed and effective decisions with all of their financial resources. Financial education is no longer a luxury. In order to successfully navigate adulthood, a basic understanding of how money works is essential. Our mission is to improve the economic education and financial literacy of our clients. Hoodoo’s objective is to introduce a population that has been traditionally underserved financially, to saving and investment tools that will enable them to achieve their goals in life. 

Financial Literacy

At Hoodoo we keep clients on a disciplined investment plan by following a simple practice known as dollar cost averaging. We help our clients build portfolios not just buy & sell stocks. Our clients need to know how to determine an asset allocation that best conforms to their personal investment goals and strategies. By buying a fixed dollar amount on a regular schedule, your focus is on accumulating assets on a regular basis, instead of trying to time the market. 

Online Investing