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Security Exclusions and Filters

We make it easy to exclude investments in individual securities, sectors, or industries from client accounts. We have social issue filters that let you reflect your social values in your portfolios. These exclusions can be applied to any number of accounts and we can provide completely customized exclusions as well.

Security Exclusion: Your Investment Manager will simply enter the security symbol of any individual securities you want to exclude from your account. This is especially useful for clients that work for a publicly traded company.

Sector Exclusion:  Our sector-exclusion tool is a valuable tool that can be used in many ways to achieve a social impact. This tool also becomes valuable If a client is too concentrated in one or more sectors or is seeking to better diversify by investing in other sectors.

Social Issue Exclusion: We are a company built on values; so we work to make sure our clients' investments reflect their values. You can prevent your Hoodoo  account from investing in many types of companies, including:

​Social Issue Exclusion

  • Alcohol

  • Military Weapons and Firearms

  • Animal Factory Farming

  • Nuclear Power

  • Tobacco

  • Gambling

  • K-1 Stocks

​Industry Exclusions

  • Auto/Tires/Trucks

  • Basic Materials

  • Industrial Products

  • Construction

  • Multi-Sector Conglomerates

  • Computer/Technology

  • Aerospace

  • Oils/Energy

  • Utilities

  • Transportation

  • Business Services

  • Unclassified

Sector Exclusions

  • Consumer Staples

  • Consumer Discretionary

  • Retail/Wholesale

  • Medical

  • Finance