"The Revolution Will Be Monetized"

Financial Education, Planning & Investment Management

Financial Technology

  • FinTech that allows investors of all sizes and investment styles to enjoy the advantages of a flexible and diversified portfolio.

  • Financial planning client portal that can perform simple cash flow planning and goal-based assessments as well as detailed tax analysis and estate planning.

  • Portfolio Investing that helps reduce the drain on your earnings from fees, trading commissions, and capital gains taxes.

  • Personalized folios, in contrast to mutual funds, provide clients with transparency and control over the securities their money is invested in.

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Troy D. White | Investment Manager

Fiduciary Responsibility

The Hoodoo platform is designed with our fiduciary obligations in mind. Everything about it, from trading to model management, supports our fiduciary responsibilities, including the ability to customize portfolios to our client's unique needs.


Equitable price execution: All trades in a ticker in the same window are executed at the same price.  

Commission-free trading: Hoodoo offers commission-free trading which means we can serve our clients as needed, with timely rebalances and new investments, changes to preferences and risk levels, all without the constraint of commissions or transaction fees. 

Low-cost model management: Hoodoo helps reduce client's fees and avoid the embedded expenses of funds and ETFs by constructing our own models on our platform.


Shedding light on fees: Clients know exactly what they are charged with compliant advanced billing notices.

Client access: Our clients can readily view their holdings, performance, account activity, balances, statements, and tax documents through Hoodoo's client portal.  

Leveraging tax strategies: Hoodoo can better manage tax results for clients with our automated tax management tools.

Our fee goes down as your account grows

$100 Minimum Yearly Fee

$1 - $25,000: 1.5%

$25,001 - $50,000: 1.25%

$50,001 - $100,000: 1%

$100,001 - $250,000: 0.75%

$250,001 +: 0.49%

Our annual fee is based on your account value and is debited directly from your account.
  1. Cancel Anytime

  2. Bi-Annual Consultation with each account

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